Colorful Bliss

Colorful Bliss


I prefer smiling in colors :-)

Live in color, smile in color. Stylish, colorful, feminine, and super convenient! The colorful bliss b-case is the perfect b-case for the colorful creative who stays true to what makes the world more beautiful: color! And that matching smile of course....

ordered today, shipped tomorrow
Toothbrush not included


The b-case is just the perfect case to take your electric toothbrush anywhere!

  • hygienic, easy to clean
  • protects your (electric) toothbrush while traveling
  • universal format for different brands/models of electric toothbrushes
  • enough space to store your favorite tube of toothpaste
  • stores 2 brush heads
  • a personal and original design
  • no fuss, just the one thing you still need - and won't be able to do without!

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